Mandlik Brotherhood Pvt Ltd is an innovative and entrepreneurial venture group based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Our mission is to create a beautiful and sustainable nation through various projects.

Green Wall Creation

We specialize in creating green walls between growing deserts and fertile lands, stopping desertification for a more beautiful and sustainable nation.

vegetable stand photo
vegetable stand photo

Organic Food Production

We help guide farmers to grow food organically in order to produce healthy food for society and create food forests in deforested and degraded lands.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a sustainable nation through projects related to Soil Generation, Reforestation, Food Forest Generation, Agricultural Soil Quality Improvement, Water Harvesting system, Land scape development, Micro irrigation system, rural area development, and beautification. Our vision is to guide farmers towards healthy food production and stop the process of desertification.

Building a sustainable future

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